Puzzle MockUp

Puzzle MockUp


Ready for Photoshop You can easily change the screen image in any angle included with a single click.

Below you will read what more you can change:

• Smart objects
• Reflection – Up to 3 Different reflections
• Specular light
• Main light effect
• Z depth pass
• Color – you can pick any color you need
• Shadow
• Background – all the objects are transparent

Created for professional usage, very detailed and great for designers. Great for web design, landing pages, app and mobile design. Handy for professional commercial and also freelance or even personal presentations. This is a must for designers, entrepreneurs, startupsand students. View the product screenshots for more details. The devices are made in high resolution and high quality which means you can use it for any kind of work.


• Different PSD
• Completely customizable mock-ups. (layered PSD files)
• Easy to edit.
• 100% Photoshop
• High resolution: 4500x3000px 600dpi
• Different angles
• Help folder
• 24/7 support: [email protected]

This product is a great mock-up for any kind of usage such as portfolios, client presentations, artwork showcase, ui/ux cases and many more.

How to use:

1 – Open downloaded files inside Photoshop CS 5 and above.
2 – Locate layers called (Your work). Double Click it.
3 – A new panel will open with the screen in blue. Place your own artwork/images on the current photoshop tab/screen.
4 – Click to close this window and when asked if you want to save, click Save.
5 – Now your design/image/artwork will be visible on your object.
6 – Choose the object you wanna use, move it, scale it, adjust it as you like.
7 – Once you’re happy with the results, you are done. To change the image again just repeat the same steps. It’s very easy!

Thank you for your time and do not forget! We are always ready to help you with our mock-ups!




To use these mockup template you need Adobe Photoshop!

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